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Konnect, Russia (Eutelsat Networks LLC) is a Russian satellite communications operator and is the fastest growing satellite communications operator in Russia*. We are a subsidiary of the global satellite communications operator Eutelsat S.A., one of the three world leaders among providers of satellite communications services for broadcasting and data transmission.

Konnect provides high-speed fixed satellite communication services in Russia for private use, for small, medium and large businesses, as well as for government organizations, using 2 satellites in the modern Ka-band with beams that provide high-speed signals.

The coverage area includes 7 federal districts of Russia which benefit from standard speeds of up to 40-100 Mbps, based on the following Ka-band satellites:

  • Express-AMU1 (Eutelsat 36C), which is our own high-capacity satellite, providing coverage of the Russian Federation from European areas to the regions of Western Siberia.

18 beams with high-speed signal provide standard reception rates of up to 40 Mbps - and up to 200 Mbps if using professional equipment.

  • Yamal-601 services which are available in the Kaliningrad region and the southern part of the Siberian Federal District and stretch to the territory of the Far East. The standard transmission / reception rate is up to 100/10 Mbps.


Satellite equipment kits manufactured by Gilat Satellite Networks are used to connect to the satellite Internet services.


* Based on ComNews Research of February 2021.