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Why is satellite Internet more expensive than mobile or wired internet?

Each technology has its own specifics, advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of satellite internet is that it does not require any special infrastructure, such as mobile or wired internet. All you need is mains electricity. Even in case of lack of power supply, there is an option of mobile satellite communication.  

There are however some extra costs associated with the connection as you need special equipment to connect. Satellite internet users need to pay for the equipment and the cost of the tariff plans themselves. We regularly hold promotions on the cost of equipment together with our partners and agents to make the service more accessible. 

The cost of our satellite tariff plans has decreased significantly in recent years, while the speeds have increased, but it is not possible to achieve an identical cost with mobile internet.

Advice from Konnect! We strive to offer our customers the best and regularly hold promotions for both new and existing customers, form additional options and new tariff plans. Join our social networks to be aware of all offers!

Why is the satellite internet equipment so discounted?

We periodically conduct subsidy programs for new subscribers together with our partners and agents to make the product more affordable.

What is unlimited satellite broadband?

With unlimited tariffs from Konnect you get access to the internet without limiting the amount of data you can use. However, if many customers are using the service at the same time, the speed is adjusted so that everyone can use the service with optimal performance. Depending on which tariff plan you choose, we provide you with a certain amount of priority data, which is protected from these speed adjustments. 

Advice from Konnect! Unlimited tariffs for individuals on the satellite "Express-AMU1" come with an additional option – the "Turbo-button". This allows you to get the maximum speed on your current unlimited tariff for 3 extra hours. Additional services on other unlimited tariffs are in development and will be available soon.

In addition, all unlimited tariff plans for individuals have weekend tariff from 49 to 9  rubles. ("Weekends" and "Holidays"), which can be connected in the low season.

Are there any restrictions on the volume of traffic on unlimited tariffs?

All our unlimited tariff plans have no traffic limits. This means that you can't run out of data. Each tariff also includes a set amount of priority data when your speeds will be highest: 15 GB for the tariff plans "Internet unlimited 10" and "Internet unlimited 10+", 25 GB for "Internet unlimited 20" and "Internet unlimited 20+" and 50 GB for "Internet unlimited 40" and "Internet unlimited 40+". To get the maximum speed, it is important to choose a tariff with sufficient priority data necessary for your needs.

What upload and download speeds can I expect?

Our satellite internet offers speeds comparable to fixed broadband and even ultra-fast broadband. Our fastest tariff plans come with download speeds up to 100 Mbps. With our unlimited tariffs, the maximum possible speed is 40 Mbps.

All our tariff plans allow you to use the internet for any purpose: browsing the web, sending e-mail, social networks, streaming music and videos, etc. The speed can vary and depends on multiple factors. If a large number of subscribers are using the network, this may affect your browsing speed.

If you notice that your connection is slow, you may want to switch to a higher tariff plan by leaving a request in your customer portal or by contacting the support service of the agent or dealer who you purchased the equipment from.

Where can I subscribe to the service?

To get a satellite internet connection, you need to purchase the equipment and choose a tariff plan. You can purchase equipment and a subscription to the service from one of our partner agents. The agent can also help with the installation and configuration of equipment and provides the first line of technical support for any issues related to your account, connection, payment and other possible queries you may have.

We are the telecom operator, and you sign a contract for the provision of services with us (Eutelsat Networks LLC) through an agent.

You can find a list of our agents you can find in the section  "Where to buy?" or you can contact us and we will put you in touch with your local partner.

Who is my carrier?

We (Eutelsat Networks LLC) will be your telecom operator. Regardless of which of our agent you connect through.

Can I install the equipment myself?

Yes, you have the opportunity to install the equipment yourself. You can view the video instructions for installing the equipment  here. The process of guidance and alignment of equipment on the Yamal-601 satellite is identical to the process on the Express-AMU1 satellite.

However, the installation of equipment can be quite a difficult task. Antenna should be correctly pointed at the satellite to optimize the signaland the high quality of the service. That's why you also have access to a professional installation service. The agent from whom you purchased the equipment can help install and configure it.

Plan and connection management

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When will my tariff plan be activated?

If the tariff plan was chosen at the stage of registration of the subscription agreement, the activation will occur immediately after replenishment of the customer portal. If the tariff plan is not selected, you should replenish your customer portal and choose a tariff plan in the subscriber's customer portal.

Can I choose a different tariff plan?

If you want to change the tariff plan, please leave a request in your customer portal or contact the support service of the agent / dealer from whom  you  purchased the equipment, and the consultant will be happy to help  you  and inform  you about any conditions related to these changes.

How do I buy or add an additional service to my plan?

Adding an additional service to the subscription is simple. Just leave a request in your customer portal or contact the support service of the agent / dealer from whom you purchased the equipment, and the consultant will be happy to help you.

Popular additional services include

  • Activation of the "Turbo-button", which can be done in your customer portal by clicking the "Additional services" button.
  • Addition of a public IP address, if such an option is possible on your tariff, it can be added by opening an application in the support service. The application can be opened through the your customer portal.  

How can I top up my account?

List of payment systems and payment methods for Tricolor subscribers can be found here:

For all other subscribers see:

My internet is slow, how do I check my speed?

If you have a slow connection, we will need your speed test to help us identify any problems.

To check the connection speed, you need to connect your computer directly to the terminal, open the terminal configuration page in the browser (http://sky.manage), go to the diagnostics tab and click on run speed test.

To understand the problem, you need to contact the technical support service of your agent/dealer. They will find the best solution for your request.

If you have any questions after consulting an agent, you can write to us through this form. Please don’t forget to specify the contract number when applying.

How does the temporary internet blocking service work? And how can I unblock the internet?

To suspend your tariff or to suspend the auto-renewal of your tariffs, you can press the "Block" button in the customer portal, which is shown opposite the tariff. To unblock the tariff, you will need to press the "Unblock" button opposite the previously blocked tariff.

Can I leave a positive feedback about Konnect? If so, how?

The Konnect team is working on giving you the opportunity to share your feedback. But if you are already our customer and you like the service, let everyone know! We would appreciate the feedback.

How can I track my data usage?

You can track the use of your data in the customer portal. Simply click on the link "Internet traffic" and you can get statistics of the used traffic by day.

Customer portal

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How can I access my customer portal?

Access to the customer portal is granted as when you sign up. Once you are a customer you can log in here: The same link is available on the footer of this website.  

What should I do if I forget my login details?

If you have forgotten your password, you need to visit,  click "Forgotten password?" enter your contract number and phone number. You will then receive an SMS message with a code that will allow you to confirm your login.

If you no longer have access to the phone number with which you first registered, or you do not know your contract number, you will need to contact the technical support service of our agent from whom you purchased the equipment.

Konnect and the Internet

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How can I protect myself from online threats?

The internet is a tool that is open to the entire world, and it can serve as a vehicle for many different kinds of threats to your IT equipment, the security of your personal data and your private life. We recommend that our customers find out about potential threats and obtain protection (anti-virus software, etc.).

How do I manage parental control?

Internet access opens the world and provides many opportunities. However, children may access information that could be offensive, and they could encounter people with malicious intent. We recommend that our customers find out about these threats and use a parental control tool to protect their children from potential danger.

Contact us

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How do I contact my Konnect team or get help?

To contact the Konnect team, you can write to us through the form on the website. Don’t forget to specify your contract number of when you contact us as this will allow us to get back to you more quickly.

How do I file a complaint?

If you have any problems, you can first read this full list of FAQs on the website as these may resolve your issue. 

If you have read these and still need help, please contact your agent's technical support team directly. Our agents will try to find the best solution for your request.

If you are not satisfied or not helped by the answer of the technical specialists of the agent, you can write to us through the form on the website in the  Contact us section. Please do not forget to specify the contract number when writing to us as this will help us to deal with your request more quickly.