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Eutelsat Networks Ltd. will now operate under the new konnect brand

The announcement was made at the CSTB exhibition, where the company presented expanded coverage, new technical solutions and products under the new brand.

Eutelsat Networks LLC, the Russian satellite operator and Eutelsat's subsidiary, the leader in satellite Internet sales for personal use in Russia*, has introduced new solutions for the Russian market under its new konnect brand. The company's product line will include special offers "Weekends" and "Holidays" from 499 rubles, for the convenience of customers who need Internet access for a short period and are not prepared to pay the full cost of a monthly tariff for 2-3 days, and tariffs with speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s. Meanwhile, the unlimited monthly plans remain the main offer for personal and business use.

The changes have also affected the expansion of coverage in the Ka-band, where the operator operates: the company's portfolio will include satellite Internet services in Siberia. 

Among the objectives of the brand change is to consolidate different brands under one global brand for three main regions: Europe, Africa and Russia, and to increase recognition in different markets.

 "Satellite broadband Internet access is an important product of Eutelsat S.A. and is one of the services the company focuses on,"

says Nikolay Orlov, Acting General Director of Eutelsat Networks LLC and Regional Vice-President for CIS countries at Eutelsat S.A. Among one of the reasons is simplicity and availability of satellite Internet solution for those who have limited or no access to Internet. We strive to make satellite internet accessible to everyone by offering tariffs for different needs, budget and promotions on the cost of equipment, together with our partners through whom we sell. The new name, logo, slogan and values better reflect what we do every day: fighting the digital divide and connecting people and businesses to the internet. 

The company's core value is accessibility: to the Internet, to budget, to any geography, regardless of the specific infrastructure needed, both mobile internet and terrestrial fixed access.

"You can create such infrastructure yourself - you need a satellite antenna to connect the network, which will take no more than 1.5 hours to install," 

says Dmitry Pastukhov, technical director of Eutelsat Networks LLC. 

Communication services can be purchased through the company's official partners, which include Tricolor - the largest operator of digital television in Russia - and RTKOMM - the competence centre for satellite communications in the Rostelecom group of companies.
Daniel Nirman, head of the Satellite Internet business unit at Tricolor commented: "LLC Eutelsat Networks is our strategic partner and the synergy with this company allows us to provide our clients not only with quality service, but also with advantageous tariffs and promotions, which in general contributes to the development of the satellite Internet market in the country. 

According to Alexander Latyshev, head of the mass segment department of RTCOMM: "Several years of cooperation with LLC Eutelsat Networks is an opportunity for subscribers to get an affordable and quality service of satellite broadband access to the Internet.

The new brand was presented for the first time in Russia at the CSTB exhibition (Pavilion 2, Hall 8, Booth #802) in Moscow, which took place from 28 to 30 January 2020.

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