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Paris, 17 November 2021 – Eutelsat Communications’ (Euronext Paris: ETL) Konnect Russia and Gazprom MKS, a company specializing in gas conservation using mobile compressor stations, have published the results of a major cooperation project aimed at reducing the CO2 emissions of Gazprom’s gas transmission subsidiaries.

The two-year program focused on reducing the volume of vented gas during repairs on gas pipelines at 13 companies, saw some 400 transfers undertaken using mobile compressor stations across a section of Russia spanning from the North-Western District to the Khanty-Mansiysk region. Over such a vast region, satellite communications was the optimal infrastructure to oversee complex operations including the centralized management of the network of mobile compressor stations, designing the  logistics for the movement of complexes, enabling regular monitoring of the works, and assuring round-the-clock communication between dispatch centers and mobile station crews.

The program yielded considerable benefits, saving circa one billion cubic meters of natural gas, and equating to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 17 million tons of CO2-equivalent

Dmitry Bronner, CEO of Konnect Russia added: “We have been honored to support Gazprom in this hugely meaningful project. The results show how effective satellite internet can be in the oil and gas industry thanks to its ubiquitous coverage and flexible functionality for mobile objects. We hope to continue to partner with Gazprom, and others in projects which serve, among other things, to preserve nature and improve ecological situation in Russia.”

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