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Satellite provider Konnect, Russia (subsidiary of Eutelsat S.A.) and JSC RTComm.RU (100% subsidiary of PJSC Rostelecom) signed a cooperation agreement. It provides for the possibility of using the satellite resource and infrastructure of Konnect, Russia, the first company to commercialize satellite communication mobility services in the Ka-band in Russia. Such cooperation will allow RTCOMM to actively develop the Maritime VSAT service and offer satellite solutions to all Russian users, including on sea and river vessels.

The agreement was concluded in order to improve satellite communications services, including the construction and management of networks using modern standards and progressive methods. The parties agreed on constant interaction of technical specialists, exchange of experience and improvement of their qualifications, as well as the use of commercial information for the purposes specified in the document. The agreement is valid for 12 months from the date of its signing.

“Since Konnect, Russia is the leading operator of satellite communications in the Ka-band and has a developed satellite infrastructure, the partnership agreement will significantly expand the boundaries of providing satellite solutions to RTCOMM. First of all, this is important for our users doing business in hard-to-reach and remote territories of the European part of Russia, as well as for those clients who are engaged in sea and river transportation,” said Sergei Ratiev, General Director of RTComm.RU JSC.

“Our company strives to provide satellite communications services to as many users as possible, regardless of their geographic location, including remote regions. Our advanced satellite constellation allows telecom operators to operate flexibly in the broadband Internet access market. Konnect became the first in Russia to launch commercial satellite communication mobility services in the Ka-band. RTCOMM is one of those companies that not only understands market demands and makes the most efficient use of the opportunities we provide, but is also guided by similar values ​​in its activities. In this regard, we are optimistic about the success of this partnership,” said Dmitry Bronner, General Director of Konnect in Russia.

Konnect, Russia (Eutelsat Networks LLC) is the fastest growing satellite communications operator and the leader in new satellite Internet connections in Russia*. The company is a Russian telecom operator and is a subsidiary of Eutelsat S.A., a leading telecom operator in Europe and one of the three largest satellite service providers in the world. 

* based on ComNews Research of February 2021.

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